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Subbing NEWS

28 April 1982
External Services:
  • say_news@livejournal.com
Three girls who have plenty of better things to do with their lives decide to spread the NEWS love instead through subbing the fandom's bread and butter: video clips.

A little more info about these three girls crouched in front of their computer screens frantically subbing away...

Rei has been translating since 2006, and started off as a translator at Love Song Productions before taking on QC. She is currently one of the LSP project leads, and the main translator/QCer. She is also a translator for Binan.

Gem joined fansubbing in 2007 as an editor in Love Song Productions, and after that took on timing, styling, QC, encoding, and the occasional translating from Chinese. She is currently a project lead at LSP and HZGG Team, and an editor/QC in JTV. She would like to translate from Japanese but although the spirit is willing, the language is weak…

April does timing and typesetting, and occasionally her own personal karaoke subbing.

We are not recruiting new members into the subbing team at the moment. However if there ever comes a day where we have more requests than we can handle, we will love for more dedicated fans to help us in providing high quality subs to the NEWS fandom!